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The choice of two LED color temperatures or static colors blends seamlessly in one design. No expensive controls are required.


DualDirect has LED’s on both sides, allowing one circuit to project in opposite directions. Each side can be independently controlled.


With Linear360, you can run one continuous circuit from straight to a full circle, no need to connect multiple boards together.


FlexRad® 4Tone® achieves ‘Hyper color and intensity’ by grouping chip scale (CSP) emitters on Flexrad’s thermally conductive substrate.


LED light strip that fits perfectly into curved fixtures. Better edge to edge fill. No connectors or wiring of boards needed.


Continuous, high output light grid that can be configured and easily installed into any large area fixture. Light is uniformly distributed.


Human centric lighting. Two Circuits Designed on One Board. Trimmable 1/2″ wide circuits. 2000K to 6500K and Static RGB Options.


LED lighting with outputs of 6,000+ lumens per foot. The most powerful and flexible system available for putting BIG LIGHT in your fixture.


The only cuttable, high-output LED light source. Customizable fixture lengths. No connectors or wiring of circuit boards.


The simplest, most efficient and cost-effective fluorescent alternative. LED strip requiring no fasteners, harnesses or connectors.