MetroSpec Technology Announces FlexRad Dim2Tone Human Centric Color Tuning Technology

FlexRad Dim2Tone technology enables tone control with a single channel power supply.

MetroSpec Technology Announces FlexRad PMount Technology

PMount LED light engines are preloaded with connectors and fasteners and do not require special tools or jigs for installation.

MetroSpec Technology Announces Company Milestone – More Than 3,000 Miles of FlexRad Circuits Shipped

FlexRad brand LED circuits have been installed in over 3,000 miles of MetroSpec’s customer light fixtures (placed end to end).

MetroSpec Technology Announces FlexRad Hashtag LED Light Grid Technology

Sized exactly for the fixture and cut to any shape, Hashtag is easy to install. Great for drums, shapes and large area fixture applications.

MetroSpec Technology announces FlexRad Linear360 Curving LED Light Technology

Linear360 is great for rings, shapes and curved fixture applications – enabling creative freedom in lighting design.

MetroSpec Technology announces FlexRad FacetCore radial LED light source

Custom, multisided LED light technology enables radial illumination for pendant and linear LED light fixtures of all shapes and sizes.